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Monteith Brown Planning Consultants - About Us

About Us

Monteith Brown Planning Consultants Ltd. (MBPC) is a highly successful urban and regional planning firm serving a broad range of municipal, not-for-profit and private sector clients since 1977. Our major service areas include:

  • Municipal Planning
  • Parks, Recreation, and Culture
  • Development Planning
  • Design
  • Library Planning
  • Consultation
  • Specialty Studies
While our reputation for excellence was established early on as a provider of land use planning services to municipalities, our client list has grown to include major Canadian retailers, school boards, hospitals, land developers, community organizations and a host of other professional firms.

Through the application of innovative approaches, effective methods, and well-informed expert planning advice, we develop workable strategies that achieve our clients' goals and objectives. Our work often becomes the benchmark for excellence in the field of urban, rural, and regional planning, giving our clients an important advantage in achieving success in an increasingly competitive environment. All of our projects benefit from our specialized skills in project management, policy development, community consultation, digital mapping and design, demographic forecasting, market research, media relations, site selection, economic development, and financial feasibility.

With over three decades of experience, thousands of successful projects and hundreds of satisfied clients across North America, we have developed a reputation of excellence recognized by professional planning associations, our peers, and the liveability of the communities in which we have worked.

Our Approach

To achieve desirable outcomes, we understand that planning actions must be both creative and integrated. We approach each project as a unique undertaking, employing techniques and ideas which are tailored to each of our clients' needs. This includes strategic alliances with top professionals in other disciplines and the use of state of the art technologies.

Strategic Alliances

In offering our clients leading-edge expertise in an expanding global marketplace, Monteith Brown Planning Consultants has formed strategic alliances with highly respected consulting professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. By maintaining healthy working relationships with other professionals, we are easily able to form a working team of experts that is uniquely suited to each project. Types of professionals that we commonly collaborate with include: engineering consultants, legal firms, costing consultants, management consultants, economic analysts, recreation specialists, architects, landscape architects, land surveyors and biologists. MBPC is highly recognized for our ability to successfully lead multi-disciplinary project teams of various sizes.


In order to remain competitive in a world of constantly advancing technology, Monteith Brown Planning Consultants employs state-of-the-art computer hardware and software. We maintain the necessary computer equipment and possess the technical expertise to ensure compatibility and continuity with any of our client's technical needs and infrastructure. We are proficient in all facets of word processing, graphic design, 3-D Modeling, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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