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Monteith Brown Planning Consultants - Consultation: Representative Projects

Representative Projects

Thames Pool Redevelopment Project


City of London

The contentious redevelopment of outdoor aquatic facilities in Thames Park (the 50-metre outdoor pool had been a mainstay of this established community for over 80 years) was proposed and our firm was retained to facilitate a multi-faceted consultation program. A number of key stakeholders including community organizations, local youth, special interest groups, and the general public were engaged by MBPC and presented with a number of redevelopment options for consideration. Consultation methods employed included workshops, interviews, an on-line survey, a student questionnaire, and a public meeting. The resulting report positioned the City to bring forward a redevelopment concept that best met the programmatic needs of users and expectations of the community.


Groundwater Protection Study

County of Oxford

Assisting a team of hydro-geologists, we were brought on to conduct an extensive public consultation program for the County's Groundwater Protection Study, with the goal of better understanding the groundwater protection and conservation perceptions of residents. In addition to focus groups with local business owners and industries, 800 random sample telephone surveys were completed for households with and without municipal water services. Subsequently, MBPC was engaged in a similar public consultation and education process in the Municipality of Brockton two years after the Walkerton tragedy.


Master Plans, Needs Assessments, and Policy Development



MBPC has successfully crafted and implemented comprehensive community consultation programs for hundreds of public and private sector clients as part of larger planning projects, such as Master Plans, Needs Assessments, and Land Use Policy and Development assignments. Our focus on public facilitation, dynamic communication, and consensus building is evident in the broad range of work that we have completed over the years. Public consultation tools are selected to match study objectives.

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