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Monteith Brown Planning Consultants - Municipal Planning: Representative Projects

Representative Projects


Official Plan Review &
Zoning By-Law Update

Town of Saugeen Shores

A 5-year review of the Official Plan and a corresponding review of the Zoning By-law were completed to update the Town’s land use policies and development regulations. The project was initiated to respond to significant growth pressures in the primary settlement areas of Port Elgin and Southhampton, address changes to provincial policy, and introduce a framework for community improvement. The new Official Plan was approved by the County of Bruce in January 2007 and the new Zoning By-law has been passed by Town Council.



Agricultural & Rural Land Use Study/ Draft Official Plan Policies


City of Hamilton

Through a best practices review of agricultural policies across Ontario, combined with extensive research on agricultural and rural land use issues and consultation with the City and Provincial Ministries, MBPC produced a detailed land use analysis and draft Official Plan policies for Rural Hamilton consistent with the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement and Provincial Greenbelt Plan. The policies are framed by a series of goals/objectives identified to guide the future of Rural Hamilton based on the City’s visioning and consultation exercises, provincial planning directives, and the “right to farm” concept.


Highway 402 Business Park Planning Study


City of Sarnia

The City of Sarnia retained MBPC to undertake a Planning Study to identify the short, medium and long-term business park needs for the City. A hierarchy of business and industrial parks was created utilizing a comprehensive site evaluation process. Detailed policies, zoning regulations, urban design guidelines, and a business park conceptual plan were developed to implement the recommendations and to ensure that sufficient serviced municipal industrial lands were brought on-line as needed.




Rural East District Plan


City of Waterloo

The City of Waterloo retained our services to review current and future land needs and develop a District Plan for the Rural East Lands. The Rural East District is one of the last greenfield areas in the City and development pressures necessitated the creation of a plan to help manage the growth in this new community. As part of the project, MBPC updated the City's Land Supply, Height and Density Study. Working with the public, stakeholders/landowners, the City and Region, and other agencies, we developed a vision and land use concepts for the area that integrated the City's strategic goals and objectives. The outcome was a Plan that narrowed the focus of the City's Official Plan to provide detailed direction for development in Rural East.


Comprehensive Community Plan Update


Aamjiwnaang First Nation

Our firm has been providing planning services for the Aamjiwnaang First Nations (formerly the Chippewas of Sarnia) for the past 25 years, including the development of Comprehensive Community Plans in 1985, 1996 and 2009. The Aamjiwnaang reserve provides a unique planning environment and requires consideration of sensitive issues due to its location within an urban area on a waterfront, within close proximity to the border with the United States, and in the midst of the heavy industrial uses of Sarnia's Chemical Valley. As a community-based plan, a communication framework was employed that emphasized feedback from all aspects of the community, including Band members, Staff, and the Chief and Council.




Residential Land Needs Analysis & Commercial Land Needs Analysis


City of Sarnia

The City of Sarnia has witnessed significant population fluctuations over the past 20 years, which has had a great impact on the need for residential and commercial land. To address this variation in population and the resulting demand for land in the City, MBPC is completing Residential and Commercial Land Needs Analyses as background reports for the upcoming Official Plan Update. The Residential Land Needs Analysis incorporated policy updates, reviewed Sarnia's existing residential land inventory, and utilized population and housing trends to establish future requirements for the amount of land and type of housing required over the next 20 years. The Commercial Study involved the creation of an inventory to assist in the analysis of the need for additional or alternative types of commercial land for Sarnia's growing and diversifying population. Both studies examined the need to expand the City's existing growth boundaries while maximizing infill and redevelopment opportunities. The projects involved significant updates to the existing Official Plan policies taking into account the Provincial Policy Statement.

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